One prezzo fisso you won’t want to miss…

Chef Luca Gatti has joined forces with consulting Sommelier Peter Boyd to create a 4-course prezzo fisso (prix fixe) menu featuring 2007 Parmigiano-Reggiano and Truffles with wine pairings running until February 24.

This menu is deceptively special and unique. Afrim Pristine, co-owner of the Cheese Boutique proudly states “There isn’t anyone else in Toronto, perhaps even in Canada that would have something special like this. It’s very special and very rare.” Afrim is referring to the age of the Parmigiano-Reggiano. This hard, granular cheese is cooked but not pressed and aged on average for two years. Having aged for six years in Enoteca Sociale’s cantina, Enoteca Sociale’s wheel possesses a granular texture that becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages, contributing to the piquant, spicy, sharp taste. As the cheese ages, delicious, crunchy white crystals are produced. These crystals are free amino acids that have broken down during the Parmesan aging process that demonstrate the digestibility of the product.

Chef Luca’s prezzo fisso menu articulates the unique flavor of the Parmigiano-Reggiano by partnering it with truffles and simple ingredients that capture the depth of the taste. True to Enoteca Sociale’s food philosophy, simple ingredients are crafted to express a complex and innovative flavor profile. Sommelier Peter Boyd’s wine pairings elevate the experience.

Chef Luca says “What excites me about this cheese is the tradition of it.  I love that I get to put my own spin on an ingredient that has been simply made since 1955. I also love that it was made in Italy and aged here in Toronto. A true representation of Toronto Italian food.”

Running until Sunday February 24th you still have an opportunity to experience this rare and exciting menu. Reservations can be booked online or by calling (416) 534-1200. We also have ample walk-in space available.

* 4-course menu $39, 4-course menu with wine pairings $59.

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