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Select beers on tap, cocktails and glasses of sparkling, white and red wine will be offered from 5-6 PM every day from Monday to Friday.

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Mother’s Day at Enoteca Sociale Sunday May 12th, 2013

This Mother’s Day Chef Luca Gatti and General Manager, Raffaele Posteraro open up and share stories about their mothers, food, and love.

According to Chef Luca, “As a kid one of my favorite memories about my mom in the kitchen was of her making meatballs. First thing in the morning I’d wake up to the smell of onions and spices and the scene of her rolling them out by hand. Her pork and veal meatballs are still a true favorite and have inspired my meatball dish, her recipe, which we are excited to share with you over Mother’s Day weekend.”

According to Raffaele, “Growing up as a kid when we sat down for Sunday lunch, of which my mother spent a good portion of the day preparing for, she always treated herself to a glass of wine with the meal. Nothing fancy  just a glass of red wine that her father, my grandfather had made. My grandfather only made red wine so that’s what my parents drank all the time.  However, every so often when my mother would cook on Sunday, she’d ask my dad to run out and get a bottle of wine that wasn’t red. My dad returned with bottles of prosecco and whatever Italian white wine he could find. I recall once as we sat down to eat, my complete and utter shock as my mother, whom I’ve always seen only drink her father’s red wine indulge in a crisp glass of verdicchio from the funny shaped bottle my father purchased from the LCBO.  Looking at her from across the dining room table, her glass of wine inches from her lips, she paused slightly before taking another sip, she stated  loud enough for my siblings and I to hear “Don’t tell your grandfather that we don’t always drink his wine!”

We share these family stories and secrets in the spirit of Mother’s Day. We invite you and your families in to try Chef’s mom’s meatballs and selected red, white, and sparkling wines available at $25 a bottle. From our family to yours, Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom's Meatballs

Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing April 11th to April 13th

Roero Arneis & Cod Fritters


3oz Roero Arneis 2011 DOCG, Bruno Giacosa, Piemonte

perfectly paired with

Cod Fritters & Romesco



Roero Arneis 2011 DOCG, Bruno Giacosa, Piemonte

3oz $7 – 5oz $11 – ¼ Litre $21 – Bottle $57


Bruno Giacosa is considered one of the most iconic producers of Barbaresco and Barolo. His wines are sought after competitively by collectors from all over the world despite their considerable expense.

Roero DOC is one of the few dedicated areas making quality white wine in Piemonte. The grape used to produce Roero is Arneis, which means ‘little rascal’ in Piemontese dialect. It is called this because it can be quite difficult to grow in some years.

Bruno Giacosa’s Roero is gorgeously crafted, full of stone fruit and citrus bracketed by seductive aromas of acacia flowers and a whiff of wet gravel. The palate is fresh and lively but has the perfect amount of viscosity to make it linger beautifully and go so well with white-fleshed fish.


Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing April 4th to April 6th

Pan Roasted Quail ~ 2010 Blau & Blau


3oz Blau & Blau 2010 IGT, Jermann, Friuli [franconia, pinot nero]

perfectly paired with

Pan Roasted Quail, Charred Escarole, Fingerling Potatoes & Guanciale



Blau & Blau 2010 IGT, Jermann, Friuli [franconia, pinot nero]



3oz $8 – 5oz $14 – ¼ Litre $26 – Bottle $70


One of the two Blaus in the name comes from Blauburgunder, which is German for Pinot Noir or Nero. The north of Italy is a genetic mix of Italian, Swiss German and the remnants of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, so lots of German is still spoken, especially in the Alto Adige region.

However, that still does not explain the second Blau, standing for Blaufrankisch, historically known in Italy as Franconia.

Legend has it that the Jermann family brought it with them from their native Austria before arriving in Italy in 1881. The Jermanns are not only considered one of the finest winegrowing estates in all of Italy, but have emerged as keepers of the agricultural flame as well, almost the anti-Monsanto ideal. On their 150-hectare estate, 20 are exclusively set aside for the propagation of seeds and specialized agricultural products, mostly grains.

The Blau & Blau is 90% Blaufrankisch and 10% Pinot Nero. It has amazing, almost chewy earthy dark berry aromas with toasty wood and spice notes. The palate is foursquare and chewy with an interesting herbal seam to it that really goes nicely with food.


Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing March 28 to March 30

Despite considerable fame in the 19th century, the northern Piemonte region of Lessona all but disappeared in the years following the First World War. Given its DOC in 1976, Lessona has been slowly nursed back to life by its two most prominent producers, the Sella and de Marchi families.

Paolo de Marchi had left the family estate in Piemonte in the 70s to help start the renaissance of Tuscan wines with his iconic Isole & Olena property in Chianti but his dream of resuscitating the historic seven hectare family estate of Sperino never diminished. He began the job seriously in 1999 with the assistance of his son Luca. Their first vintage was 2004, released in 2006.

Lessona DOC is a traditional northern Piemonte red, like Spanna or Gattinara, made from Nebbiolo but allowed the addition of up to 25% Vespolina and Bonarda. The de Marchis’ version is 95% Nebbiolo and just 5% Vespolina, which DNA testing has proven to be a less tannic offspring of Nebbiolo itself.

The 2007 Lessona Sperino is built like a fine Barbaresco with racy red and black fruits swirled with whiffs of smoke and tar. Subtler, sweeter scents of violets and spice rise in the glass after a few minutes. The palate is medium plus to full-bodied with delicious young grip that sings with well-seasoned meats and sauces.


Lessona 2007 DOC, Paolo De Marchi, Piemonte [nebbiolo, vespolino]



3oz $12 – 5oz $20 – ¼ Litre $37 – Bottle $100



Lessona 2007 DOC, Paolo De Marchi, Piemonte [nebbiolo, vespolino]

perfectly paired with

Wild Boar Meatballs, Toasted Almonds & Polenta


Wild Boar Meatballs & 2007 Lessona

Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing March 21 to March 23

2009 Cervaro Piero Antinori IGT

Despite the success of emerging wine regions around the world, white wines are still held to the Burgundian model, especially ones that contain Chardonnay.

Piero Antinori’s Cervaro is 80% Chardonnay and 20% Grechetto, and vies annually for the title of best white wine of Italy. The Grechetto portion may be the secret: it adds a gorgeous seam of traction to this wine that reminds me somewhat of Corton-Charlemagne, at one-third the price, believe it or not!

“Cervaro” takes its name from the noble family, which owned the Castello della Sala in the 14th century: the Monaldeschi della Cervara. Antinori acquired the property in 1940. The first vintage of Cervaro della Sala was in 1985, released in 1987. The wine has been awarded various prizes in wine competitions for the constant high quality it has demonstrated over the years.

A fantastic alternative to 1er Cru White Burgundy!


Cervaro 2009 IGT, Piero Antinori Castello della Sala, Umbria [chardonnay, grechetto]

3oz $12 – 5oz $20 – ¼ Litre $37 – Bottle $100



3oz Cervaro 2009 IGT, Piero Antinori Castello della Sala, Umbria [chardonnay, grechetto]

perfectly paired with

Linguine, manila clams & side striped prawns


 Linguine, manilla clams & side striped prawns


Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing March 14 to March 17

2003 Soldati Gavi

While Italy has its share of exceptional and well-known sparkling wines, Enoteca Sociale offers you a chance to try one of its’ rarest!

Made by the Metodo Classico, like the best French Champagnes, the La Scolca Millesimato takes its’ breeding to the next level of late-disgorged reserve Champagnes like Bollinger Grande Année or Krug. Champagne by law must spend a minimum of thirty months on its lees in the same bottle it will be sold in. Reserve or luxury cuvées tend to spend much longer. The Millesimato spent six years on its lees before being disgorged, corked and caged, and eventually labelled.

Cortese is the only grape permitted in Gavi and is well-suited for bubbly production, with good core acidity and lovely flavours of apple, lemon sherbet and wildflowers with a seam of innate minerality. The long maturation on lees adds a gorgeous dimension of brioche aromas to the wildflower notes, whereas the primary fruit of apple and lemon has evolved into softer tones that evoke honey and white chocolate.

Finally, the mousse shows the wine’s breeding: tiny, sophisticated bubbles which trail up to form a lovely head. The texture of the wine is remarkably elegant, both crisp and creamy at the same time. Perfectly at its peak at ten years old, now is the time to drink this beauty with Chef Luca’s lightly smoked Steelhead Trout crudo designed to accompany it.

A great match!

Steelhead Trout Crudo

Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing

Have you ever wondered how the menu magic happens at Enoteca Sociale?

Have you ever tried to envision the dance between Chef Luca Gatti’s food and consulting Sommelier Peter Boyd’s wine selections? Some ask: ‘what came first, the chicken or the egg.’  We ask: Does the food inspire the wine or does the wine inspire the food? At Enoteca Sociale, Chef Luca’s food most often inspires the wine list. But for the next 4 weeks the tables have turned with The Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing. Here, Peter Boyd’s wine palette will entice Chef Luca: “He gave me flavors and I went with it,” Chef Luca shares.

Beginning Thursday March 14, Enoteca Sociale will be exploring this delicate, semiotic relationship with the Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing consisting of a glass of wine paired with a curated dish to compliment.  The Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing will evolve and change Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays until April 14th.  We invite you in to experience this intimate illustration of their idea share and a sneak peek into their creative process. Reservations can be booked online or by calling 416-534-1200. As always, we have plenty of walk-in space available as well.

Follow us on Twitter  @enosociale for Chef & Somm Perfect Pairing updates!


One prezzo fisso you won’t want to miss…

Chef Luca Gatti has joined forces with consulting Sommelier Peter Boyd to create a 4-course prezzo fisso (prix fixe) menu featuring 2007 Parmigiano-Reggiano and Truffles with wine pairings running until February 24.

This menu is deceptively special and unique. Afrim Pristine, co-owner of the Cheese Boutique proudly states “There isn’t anyone else in Toronto, perhaps even in Canada that would have something special like this. It’s very special and very rare.” Afrim is referring to the age of the Parmigiano-Reggiano. This hard, granular cheese is cooked but not pressed and aged on average for two years. Having aged for six years in Enoteca Sociale’s cantina, Enoteca Sociale’s wheel possesses a granular texture that becomes more pronounced as the cheese ages, contributing to the piquant, spicy, sharp taste. As the cheese ages, delicious, crunchy white crystals are produced. These crystals are free amino acids that have broken down during the Parmesan aging process that demonstrate the digestibility of the product.

Chef Luca’s prezzo fisso menu articulates the unique flavor of the Parmigiano-Reggiano by partnering it with truffles and simple ingredients that capture the depth of the taste. True to Enoteca Sociale’s food philosophy, simple ingredients are crafted to express a complex and innovative flavor profile. Sommelier Peter Boyd’s wine pairings elevate the experience.

Chef Luca says “What excites me about this cheese is the tradition of it.  I love that I get to put my own spin on an ingredient that has been simply made since 1955. I also love that it was made in Italy and aged here in Toronto. A true representation of Toronto Italian food.”

Running until Sunday February 24th you still have an opportunity to experience this rare and exciting menu. Reservations can be booked online or by calling (416) 534-1200. We also have ample walk-in space available.

* 4-course menu $39, 4-course menu with wine pairings $59.

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