GM Kathryn

General Manager Kathryn



Kathryn was born in Toronto, the second of two girls. Her small family moved around a fair bit in the early years of her life from the woods of Northern Quebec, and back again to Southern Ontario, before finally finding her home in rural Nova Scotia. Kathryn stayed in Nova Scotia to continue her education after high school, eventually earning a bachelor’s degree in theatre from Dalhousie University. During her time in the east coast, Kathryn had her first real job as a prep cook/server in the only local restaurant that stayed open year round, where her responsibilities included making sandwiches and pouring coffee. After graduating, Kathryn took a job as a theatre tech originally, but constantly found herself gravitating back to the restaurant industry.


Her mother had a bakery for many years, which Kathryn attributes to her early on love affair with food, but it wasn’t until being exposed to fine dining that she realized she could pursue an actual career with food and wine. A lot of people Kathryn grew up with never left the small town in Nova Scotia, it was always her goal to get the heck out of there, though now she misses it from time to time.


She moved across Canada coast to coast working her way up, and falling more in love with the industry along the way. What surprised Kathryn the most about her new found career path was that she had always considered herself to be a little aloof and clumsy, but within the walls of restaurants it came so naturally to enjoy and thrive off of interacting with people, as well as navigating through the dining room with grace.


Her greatest accomplishment to date is becoming General Manager of Enoteca Sociale as it has long since been her favourite restaurant in Toronto. When Kathryn is not busy running the ship at Enoteca, you can find her deeply immersed in a sci-fi or fantasy book. Or you’ll find her zipping around in her 50cc scooter, which she insists is not even that cool, as she can’t even take it on the highway.