Chef Kyle Rindinella



Kyle grew up just outside of Milan, where his favourite childhood memories involved weekend ski trips to Switzerland, France and Germany. Although he moved to Brampton, ON at the age of 11 he has always valued his time growing up in Italy and believes that time shaped much of who he is today. He attended Humber College for Journalism, intent on sharing and communicating his fondness for Italian cuisine to a North American audience. Although he enjoyed writing, it never fully satiated him and Kyle found himself constantly being drawn back to the kitchen. Whether he was whipping up a simple homemade pasta in butter sauce (which he simply cannot live without) or his childhood favourite spaghetti carbonara – Kyle spent more time in his kitchen than anywhere else.


Wanting to gain some authentic hands on experience, Kyle returned to Italy to work in a little restaurant in Trieste. Al Bragozzo was where he fell in love with cooking seafood. Every morning fresh seafood would be delivered by a man with a wheelbarrow; the fresh bounty of the day would inspire the dishes of the evening. This philosophy created a lasting impression, and now translates into each dish that Chef Kyle creates.


At the end of the day what drives Kyle to be a Chef the most is the way in which food and drink bring people together. Nothing makes him happier than seeing people eating, drinking, laughing and sharing stories around a table. His passion for traditional Italian cuisine coupled with his desire for using local and seasonal ingredients is what makes him the ideal fit here at Enoteca Sociale.