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Katie Parla’s “Tasting Rome” Toronto Book Launch! / link

Katie Parla is a Rome-based food and beverage educator and journalist. Katie’s mission is to highlight great food and beverages, praise the people dedicated to feeding us well, and to get readers talking about what they are eating and drinking. She focuses special attention on Rome, where she lives, threats to local food culture, and critical reviews of restaurants and trends.

Katie is on the road for her newest book tour; Tasting Rome. Her Toronto stop is hosted by none other than Enoteca Sociale, who’s dedication to traditonal Roman cuisine, inspired by local ingredients, makes this the perfect location for the Toronto launch.

Come dine with Katie and Enoteca’s Chef James Santon on Sunday April 24th at 6:00pm, for a 4 course Roman inspired Family Style Feast and a copy of Katie’s book: Tasting Rome!  Wine pairings will be available for an additional $40 that evening. BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!


Excerpt from:

“Even 150 years after unification, Italy is still a divided nation where individual regions are defined by their local cuisine—mirrors of their culture, history, and geography. But the cucina romana is the country’s greatest standout. Speakeasies, ten-table restaurants, and street food stalls may not be the first things that come to mind when you think of Rome, but these new realities have joined the traditional bars and trattorias of the Italian capital as bastions of great food and drink. In Tasting Rome, journalist Katie Parla and photographer Kristina Gill capture Rome’s unique character and truly evolved food culture—a culmination of two thousand years of history.

The recipes here, each selected for the story it tells, acknowledge the foundations of the cuisine and demonstrate how it has transitioned to the variations found today, ranging from genuine classics to fascinating but largely undocumented Libyan Jewish fare to centuries-old offal preparations, and so much more. Part cookbook, part travel memoir, this book transports all of the flavors of Rome into your kitchen.”

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